Our clinics offer young water polo athletes the invaluable opportunity to train with legends like Dénes Varga and Albert Español. These intensive sessions are far more than just skill-building; they provide a unique platform for personal and athletic growth in the competitive youth water polo arena.

Athletes get to experience hands-on learning from the best, gaining insights that can only come from players who have reached the pinnacle of the sport. This experience not only enhances technical skills and game understanding but also inspires a deeper passion and dedication to water polo.

The mentorship and advice imparted by these legends can be transformative, instilling confidence and a deeper understanding of what it takes to excel at the highest levels of the sport.

Quality, not quantity

Our clinics at Water Polo Experience are unique opportunities for local athletes to train with some of the sport's legends like Dénes Varga and Xavi Garcia. By hosting a camp, you bring world-class expertise to your pool, offering elite training experiences right in your community. These clinics are not just about skill enhancement; they're also about building a robust, diverse water polo community, fostering connections that last a lifetime and transcend the sport. Join us to elevate your game and be part of this extraordinary journey.

Upcoming clinics

Elevate your water polo technique with Sasha Bocur at La Canada HS, featuring training from a former USC Assistant Coach with European background. The clinic, held from April 1-4, offers comprehensive skill development.

La Cañada Spring Break Camp

Apr 1 - 4, 2024


- Morning Training: 9:30-12pm

- Lunch: 12-1pm

- Afternoon Training: 1-3:00pm

Available options:

- Full week: $400

- One-day drop-in: $125