Our training programs are designed so that athletes can learn to the fullest in a short time. Our world-class coaches focus on learning to strengthen the fundamentals of our sport such as body position, ball handling, etc. Once this knowledge is consolidated, it will be possible to adapt to more advanced levels and take it into practice in matches and thus be able to reduce the tactical aspect of the game.


We are fortunate to be able to offer specific training for playing positions through our coaches. Athletes can enjoy learning from the best. Our coaches are professional players who have reached the highest level in water polo. Our goal is that athletes who enjoy WATER POLO EXPERIENCE can learn from Olympic players, world champions, professional players in order to understand the values of elite sport.



In our daily programs, we arrange scrimmages with the best local teams to put in value all the knowledge the athletes have taken from our coaches in the masterclasses.
Playing games with the local teams improves the level of the players but also gives the possibility to the athletes to make new friends and discover other cultures in terms of sport.


Waterpolo Experience wants to offer the possibility to discover new cultures, understand the way of living of the countries we visit, and learn about the history of the cities we got in our programs.
Through our tourism program, the athletes can visit the main spots of the city and have the time of their lives learning history with friends.
We are also food lovers so in our program in Barcelona the athletes and the parents will join a cooking paella show where everybody can help the chef. Everything is surrounded by an incredible sea views terrace.
If this is not enough the athletes and the parents can also experience a soccer game, sports activities, etc…